Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Wind and Waves

Island Head Creek

Overnight we registered 32 knots here in the creek where it's protected.  We felt it!  Just have to wonder about the conditions out on the ocean.  The forward berth was too uncomfortable with the hobby horse, sometimes bucking horse, action as waves rolled up the arm of the creek, current in the opposite direction, putting us broadside to the waves.  We each took up a seaberth in the main cabin and slept quite well, waking occasionally to check on how we were holding.  It's sand and mud here.  All good!

I'm grateful for small mercies.  With the wind in the high 20's all day the bouncing has been nothing compared to what it would be outside.  We will wait and see how things look tomorrow morning before deciding when we leave for Rosslyn Bay.  Hopefully we can get a weather update from someone as boats continue to come into the creek.  Once the wind dies it will be another couple of tides before the sea calms down.

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