Monday, 27 July 2015

Cut Off and Part of the Island Head Creek Crowd

We are thanking our lucky stars we got to Island Head Creek early enough yesterday to find a great spot to anchor.  Through the day we've seen around 20 boats heading up creek.  This is a very remote area, part of the Dept of Defence Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area .  Talisman Sabre, the joint US and Australian exercises finished a couple of weeks ago so we are able to be here.  It's a good idea to check the site before thinking about passing through this area.

We have no connection by phone and also no weather updates by radio but we've learned from another boat the Bureau of Meteorology has this morning issued a strong wind warning, winds expected to reach 35 knots.  The winds have picked up from nothing to 19 knots since this morning.  We will be here another 4 days, till Thursday or Friday.

We have a good little "hole" here to wait it out and there's time to explore a little and do some fishing before the winds really kick in.

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