Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brisbane Based Bristol Rose

Brisbane River City Cats Signage

 Moving back into the mainstream of life has its challenges.  As well as all kinds of crazy weather in Queensland, we've been confronted with some serious culture shock.  Our experiences are fairly mundane compared with everything we experienced in crossing the Pacific.  
Bristol Rose in her slip at the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron
Getting settled in Brisbane, working, enjoying the sunshine, favourite foods.  Unfortunately not a lot of time to keep our blog up to date and friends have been asking if Yasi got us.
Pumpkin in the markets and roast pumpkin on the menu, yum!
A tower of lamingtons!
The stuff of cravings when we lived in the US, far away from an Aussie cake shop.
Buckets of gerberas
Rainbow Lorikeet building a nest
Attitude, contender in the Brisbane to Gladstone multihull race.
Bristol Rose is being hauled out this week to take care of annual maintenance, which is a little overdue.
Manly, Queensland