Monday, 9 June 2008

Memorial Day 2008 Cruise

Memorial Day Weekend slideshow set to Bob Dylan's All the Tired Horses from the album, Self Portrait.

Late in May, with the help of Patrick whose boat, Annie Rose, is slipped at White Rocks, Bristol Rose sailed from Baltimore to Back Creek. Robert had arranged for Jay of Annapolis Rigging to fit the new Monitor windvane. Robert and Patrick were able to sail as far as the Bay Bridges then with the wind from the South, the engine took over.

We'd planned to make our first sail of the season to meet up with Dave and Adeena of Starshine, a 38' Shannon. Dave and Adeena introduced us to Pete of Spell Bound, a 28' Shannon. The three Shannons anchored in the Little Choptank on Saturday night, along with a Beneteau, appropriately named "Shannon"!

Sunday we sailed/motored to Back Creek, Solomon's Island. Elliot and his friend Josh joined us for Elliot's 19th Birthday. We ate at the Captain's Table and next day after a brisk sail, Elliot and Josh headed back and we bid farewell to Starshine. On Sunday evening we moved around to Mill Creek for a much quieter anchorage.

We spent most of the week slowly making our way back to Baltimore, dropping in at La Trappe and Rhode River. I was very pleased to have great weather and some relaxing sailing during the week - my long-awaited one week vacation after a full year's work!