Monday, 28 July 2008

Sooner or later every cruiser has to come to terms with stuff

Some interesting comments on stuff.

And if thats not enough check out The Story of Stuff or Paul Graham's essay. Come to think of it this blog is getting too much stuff on it!

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Raft Up Margate YC on the Rhode

You should have been there! Perfect weather - just a little hot, 93 degrees F. Randy and Pat from Homeward Bound declared "son, you sure look hot in those cool shades!". Ok, so that's not exactly the way it went. According to Randy and Pat it was perfect, “hot in the sun, cool in the shade”. Daisie Dog was there, looking cool in her best bandanna. The wind blew directly on the nose all the way down the bay, just like it always does when you're going someplace.

On the weekend, the Margate Yacht Club, not to be confused with the less selective Maryland Yacht Club, held the 2008 season annual raft up on the Rhode River, MD.

As soon as we set the anchor we were quick to join the rest of the gang in the water off Wayward Sun. Daisie was reluctant to get in at first, then after jumping from dinghy to dinghy, whimpering and barking, she threw caution to the wind and leapt on top of Michele, trying to walk on water to get to me.

A perfect Saturday evening, time for pot luck under an almost full moon. Kate brought venison, marinated and cooked to perfection on the grill, Pat's Steak Salad was a hit and Michele's key lime pie was according to Trish "to die for", not a crumb left! Thanks Tim and Michele for hosting aboard Wayward Sun.

Sunday morning and we need to get back to work. But first we need to take Bristol Rose to her new home at Ferry Point.

We enjoyed sailing back home, Homeward Bound leading the way, Bristol Rose and Wayward Son sailing together until we started running with the wind and Wayward Sun flew her Spinnaker, pulling away from Bristol Rose. It's these moments I think we too need a brightly colored spinnaker. Still dreaming.

Our new marina is about 5 miles up the Magothy River on the entrance to Mill Creek. With assistance from Al, Paul, John and Elliot we got Bristol Rose into her new slip. Big boat in a small mill creek with shoals on each bank can get interesting when it comes to docking.

We are still experimenting with our Blog, trying ideas. Let us know what you think.
Capt. Robert