Monday, 28 October 2013

Manly Where?

Manly Boat Harbour, Moreton Bay, Queensland
Mention Manly in Australia and most people think of Manly Beach in Sydney.  With the added attraction of the "must do" ferry ride to the beach from the heart of the city, Manly attracts loads of tourists and Sydney-siders daily. 

When we lived close to the Harbour in Sydney I was able to walk a short distance to the wharf each morning for a spectacular ferry ride to Circular Quay and my work in the city.  What a great way to start the day!  I knew well how very lucky I was living in such a beautiful location.

For three years Manly, Brisbane has been home for Bristol Rose where she is tied to the slip at the RQYS.  Manly Boat Harbour on Moreton Bay in Queensland is another great place to spend some time.  It's said to be the largest man-made marina on Australia's east coast with 1,800 water craft of various shapes, sizes and type.  Waking up on the water, what a great way to start the day!

Manly, a bayside suburb on the southeast side of Brisbane, has a village atmosphere, train station to take you to the city, markets on the weekends, restaurants, supermarket, pub, a boardwalk around the water's edge that goes for miles, and so much more.  I love that saying, "you make your own luck".  It's mostly about choices because that's all we really have any control over.

Cruisers thinking of stopping in at Manly Boat Harbour in Queensland should check   for all the info and links you'll need.

RQYS hosts WAGS (Wednesday Afternoons Go Sailing) from the clubhouse, Manly, Moreton Bay, Queensland

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Keeping Hope Alive for Nina's Crew

It’s been a tough year in cruising circles with the loss of three truly amazing and talented cruisers that we know, Alex Rust s/v Bubbles, Steve Southwood s/v Dignity, and Evi Nemeth who left her boat s/v Wonderland to crew aboard the missing s/v Nina.

Evi (aged 73) with a PhD in Mathematics 1971, is described as the Godmother of Unix Administration.  A wiki  search gives you a wealth of information about Evi Nemeth.  We simply knew Evi as the skilled sailor of her beloved Wonderland.  In the Marquesas we spent a day with Evi exploring historical sites.  Her adventurous spirit and broad knowledge were very evident.

She was part of the seven-person crew aboard the 21-metre 1928 vintage wooden schooner, Nina, for the crossing from New Zealand to Newcastle on the NSW coast.  They were last heard from on June 4, 2013 when Evi sent a message that they were experiencing severe weather conditions and overnight their sails were shredded.  

Evi along with the owners David and Rosemary Dyche and their 17 year old son David, and 3 others are missing, presumed lost at sea.  The families and friends have not given up hope and continue to scan satellite images for any signs.  I've just read an article in Mail Online about an image taken September 15 that has given them some new hope.  Reflecting upon incredible survival stories we've all heard of, let's keep hope alive.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Dignified Life

Once again we have sad news to share about fellow cruisers.  Our dear friend Steve has lost his brave battle with a very rare form of lymphoma.

We were introduced to Steve and Helen by Matt and Karen aboard S/V Where II in Bequia in the Caribbean.  We crossed paths many times.  An amazing team, we described them as the most adventurous couple we know.  Steve blogged their adventures every day.  S/V Dignity

The past year has no doubt been the most difficult challenge.  Steve and Helen both showed great dignity and courage throughout.  Steve will be greatly missed.  Our deepest sympathies are with Helen and their boys.

Monday, 1 July 2013

We Have a File on Bristol Rose... Anywhere in the World.

A sailor has to really love and trust his or her boat to cast off the lines and head out on the open ocean.  We love our Shannon 43, oh you've noticed?  Fellow boat owner, I know you also love your boat.  I crave your indulgence, or perhaps you might want to tune out now.  Anyone thinking of buying a sailboat, a Shannon in particular, stick with me.

We need to replace a couple of small parts on Bristol Rose.  That can be tricky when your boat is anywhere in the world but where she was built.  Online purchases are easy enough but shipping costs can be prohibitive, even from state to state.

BR was built in 2002 and many of the people who built her are still with Shannon Yachts in Rhode Island, that's cool!  We benefit from their record keeping and also the records kept by her first owners during the semi-custom build.  If we're stumped it only takes a call or email to get the info we need.

This week I'm visiting the USA and did just that.  I'd like to find a perfect match for a broken pelican hook for the safety line.  I got contact info for Bay Sailing Equipment in Massachusetts. Christine responded to my email, "you didn't give me the hull number".  No problem, "yep, I have a whole file on hull #51, anything else you need?" she says.  Now that is cool!

Walt Shultz, Bill Ramos and team at Shannon, and their suppliers, have come through for us on more than one occasion in some exotic and remote locations between Rhode Is. and Australia.  That's just one reason we really love our Shannon!  If you're thinking of shelling out the big bucks for a sailboat, it pays to buy a boat with this kind of support, priceless!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Cherished Memories of Alex Rust, S/V Bubbles. R.I.P.

Happy memories, Alex (26) and Elliot (21) celebrate their birthdays with a dock party in Tahiti, June 2010
The World Cruising community has lost one of it's most colourful, magnetic personalities.

This morning we heard terribly sad news from Alex Rust's mother Sylvia.  Alex, S/V Bubbles, was found dead in his sleep May 28th in a guesthouse in the Hindu Varanasi region of Northern India.

Alex was more than a cruiser and world adventurer.  It will be up to those closest to him to tell his life story as Alex was never one to talk about himself and his good deeds.  I'm sure we will hear more of his giving nature following his untimely death.

The Rust family has announced memorial services on what would have been Alex's 29th birthday, June 14 2013 in his hometown of Seymour, Indiana.  June 15 marks the one year anniversary of Alex's homecoming following his circumnavigation of the globe.

Robert, Owen, Elliot and I are just some of the many, many people who shared amazing adventures with Captain Alex and his brother Joe.   Our sympathies go to Alex's family and his close friends.  May he rest in peace.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Practised but not Perfect

Gary, Jackie and Robert
Who said practice makes perfect?  Cruisers get loads of practice at saying goodbye because cruising means moving when the weather says it's time to go.  Gary and Jackie, S/V Inspiration Lady, have spent the past 9 months in Australia during our cyclone season.  Now boats are heading north and across the top of Australia to Darwin for the Sail Indonesia Rally.  Inspiration Lady is yacht # 18 in the list of entries.

We've really enjoyed seeing our cruising mates here in Australia.  Jack and Jan, S/V Anthem, sold the Cabo Rico Anthem, returned to Florida and purchased Anthem II and are now cruising the beautiful Bahamas.  Steve and Helen, S/V Dignity, are now back in the UK and beginning their new challenges of life onshore, while their catamaran Dignity is now based in Australia with her new owners.  Ed and Cornelia, S/V A Cappella are back in the U.S.A. while their boat is up for sale on the Gold Coast.

No matter how many times we cross paths, the saying goodbye part never gets any easier.  Fair winds, calm seas, dear friends, wherever they may take you!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

What does it mean to be Australian?

Mt Warning,  New South Wales
Happy Australia Day to all our Aussie mates, far and wide.

For me this song says it all.
"Shelter" sung by John Williamson, written by Eric Bogle.