Thursday, 24 October 2013

Keeping Hope Alive for Nina's Crew

It’s been a tough year in cruising circles with the loss of three truly amazing and talented cruisers that we know, Alex Rust s/v Bubbles, Steve Southwood s/v Dignity, and Evi Nemeth who left her boat s/v Wonderland to crew aboard the missing s/v Nina.

Evi (aged 73) with a PhD in Mathematics 1971, is described as the Godmother of Unix Administration.  A wiki  search gives you a wealth of information about Evi Nemeth.  We simply knew Evi as the skilled sailor of her beloved Wonderland.  In the Marquesas we spent a day with Evi exploring historical sites.  Her adventurous spirit and broad knowledge were very evident.

She was part of the seven-person crew aboard the 21-metre 1928 vintage wooden schooner, Nina, for the crossing from New Zealand to Newcastle on the NSW coast.  They were last heard from on June 4, 2013 when Evi sent a message that they were experiencing severe weather conditions and overnight their sails were shredded.  

Evi along with the owners David and Rosemary Dyche and their 17 year old son David, and 3 others are missing, presumed lost at sea.  The families and friends have not given up hope and continue to scan satellite images for any signs.  I've just read an article in Mail Online about an image taken September 15 that has given them some new hope.  Reflecting upon incredible survival stories we've all heard of, let's keep hope alive.

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