Sunday, 26 July 2015

Island Head Creek Soundings

At 10am we enter Island Head Creek.  Low tide is 11:30am.  I have to keep a look out, watching the depth closely as Robert steers his way around the shoals.  It's so clear I can see the sand ripples under 15-20 feet of water.  The Lucas guide "Cruising the Coral Coast" provides soundings for anchoraes along the creek but our copy is old and shoals may have shifted over the years.  We can't take anything for granted just because it appears in print.

There are three boats anchored just inside but we want more protection than that.  The most promising arm we think is much further up the creek.  Slowly motoring Bristol Rose in from the main channel we find 8 feet of water under the keel.  No, that won't work at low tide.

Daisie waits patiently.

We drop the anchor back down the creek near an arm we had earlier dismissed as too difficult to navigate and Robert takes the dinghy through to take soundings.  He's found a way in to a "hole" with sufficient depth and enough swing room.  We are confident this will work for us to ride out the high winds we're expecting to arrive either late Monday or early Tuesday.

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