Monday, 2 August 2010

Unique Niue

If you have the chance to visit the island of Niue, just do it!  There's nowhere else quite like Niue and there can't possibly be more friendly, happy and fun loving people on the planet. 

Limu Pools snorkeling

Talava Arches

Matapa Chasm

Green algae on large coral chunks at Matapa Chasm

Canoes stored in the cave at Uluvehi

Niue cliffs are dotted with hundreds of caves
So many caves to explore

Togo Chasm

So many abandoned homes.  All gone to New Zealand or Australia

There is no cemetery on Niue.  Graves are prominent in front of homes and along the roadside.
Chickens roam free.  There's a future here for you Blake.
Owen swims through a cave at Limu Pools

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