Thursday, 19 August 2010

Tongan Update from Ha'api

Current Position
19 56.484S
174 42.877W
We are currently cruising the Ha'api group of islands of the Kingdom of Tonga. We expect to be in the Capital of Tonga, Nuku'alofa, by the weekend.
Tonga is special, a crazy cruising destination, awesome anchorages, stunning scenery, spectacular snorkeling, wonderful whales, remarkable reefs, smoking surf, vicious volcanos, yes vicious! Almost forgot, and friendly folks.
Each cruising area or island group is very different, Va'vau is very pretty, deep water anchorages are only miles apart and very popular with fellow cruisers, divers, and charters. Ha'api is like sailing the Tuamotus. You need to be good at navigating coral reefs and coral studded anchorages. Islands are further apart and you most often have the anchorage to yourself. In fact most days we don't see another cruising boat. We've seen more whales than cruisers in these parts.
Today we are staying put, off Ha'afeva Island, as a slow moving front is passing by, bringing the most rain we have seen for some time. Visibility is reduced drastically. Another boat has come to join us, Two Oceans. We expect the rain to clear by tomorrow and we will move further south.
Cameras have been very busy both above and below the water. Look out for the Tonga pictorial very soon, when we have wifi and are not reliant only on SSB updates.
Posted by SSB radio through "winlink".

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