Sunday, 8 August 2010

Having a Whale of a Time in Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga (aka Kingdom of Lost Days). Position 18 42.715s, 174 08.370w
It was a disappointing rugby match last night, Australia lost again to New Zealand. This morning we left Neiafu Harbor in search of paradise, as if we haven't found it yet.
Our search was guided by whales, beautiful, magnificent humpback whales. It's possible to see mothers and calves here as others have in recent weeks. Today we were treated to the sight of four to six whales splashing and diving. Any plan we had to anchor in a specific location was lost as we side tracked in the general direction of tell-tale water sprays high above the water. Of course we practised responsible watching and stayed quite some distance from the whales. It would have been great to get up close for some good photographs but chasing and hanging in real close just doesn't seem fair to the whales (plus it's against accepted whale watching guidelines).
After a couple of hours we found ourselves off the Blue Lagoon. Who could pass up the opportunity to anchor overnight in a place called the Blue Lagoon. And yes, it is blue and the surrounding sandy beaches are white, the reefs are close and the whole effect is out of this world.
Lunch is cooking, nems (spring rolls), like the ones we bought for breakfast when in French Polynesia. After a snack it's time for snorkeling. The white sandy beaches and reefs are calling us.
Posted by SSB radio - no wifi in Paradise.

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