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Tahiti Looks Nice!

June 13, 2010    Still playing catch-up on blog posts long waiting for reliable wifi connection...

If you’re as old as I am, you might remember the catch phrase from a TV advertisement in Australia about 30+ years ago for ... I don’t remember what, Palmolive soap or something... a wealthy woman is reclining in the tub aboard her private jet while perusing a travel brochure. “Tahiti looks nice”, she says understatedly to her manservant, and the jet immediately changes course for Tahiti.

French Polynesia, in particular, Tahiti et ses Iles, maintains the reputation; exotic and expensive travel destination. The black pearls are exquisite, the snorkeling in the atoll lagoons incredible, the people beautiful and friendly, the coconut palms plentiful, the baguettes warm and crusty. It’s true, whether on the US dime or Aussie dough, everything but the baguettes looks horribly overpriced.

Moorea from the anchorage in Papeete

Swimming with the stingrays and sharks in Moorea.  Photo credit Elliot.
So here we are in Paradise where the world finally catches up with us. As with every major port en route, we sailed in with a hefty list of “gotta do’s” before we can safely head out again. Nothing too drastic mind you, just maintenance and keeping BR in good condition.

Our top priorities this time are to resolve our computer problems, i.e. get the navigation and communication computer repaired or replaced, attend to some wear and tear on sails (they’re really in pretty good condition) and organize Daisie’s travel to Australia. Then there’s some serious 21st birthday shopping with Elliot. Also laundry and re-provisioning of food, water and fuel to be done. The fun never stops.

Wait, hold everything, I think I’ll go shopping in Papeete. I need something new to wear with my stunning Tuamotu pearl. I wonder, is there anything wrong with a complete wardrobe of pareos, long and short, in assorted colors and designs? Like “she” said, “Tahiti looks nice”.

Miss Bora Bora and dancer
Fast forward four weeks and we can’t believe we’ve hung about Papeete for so long. It’s been worth it to get everything in order. (And I love my new Polynesian wardrobe). We were even able to put in an order with our good mate Jack of Anthem, who slipped back to the States for a week. Jack generously added to his excess baggage to help us out with a headsail furler and Elliot’s birthday present.

A couple of likely-looking lads
What is it with the French.. and English!  Food package info in four different (& obscure?) languages but no English!  
I think I reported in another post that the nav/communications computer replacement will have to wait until we are in an English speaking area of the world. Using a mouse instead of the mousepad helps bypass some of the problems. We might have to put Dell on our wall of shame, along with Honda, Walker Bay, cheap safety equipment and Yamaha... but that can wait for another day when we’re really feeling the need for some self-indulgent, wallowing down in Complaintsville. No room for complaints when surrounded by such natural beauty as in Tahiti and her islands.  We got to celebrate Bastille Day in Bora Bora and to see the gorgeous Polynesian dance competition for Heiva.

Farewell friends on Anthem, Inspiration Lady and Jackster.  We'll see you in a year or so when you get to Australia.

One last look at those fabulous Heiva dancers

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