Sunday, 25 April 2010

Day 7, Saturday April 23. Galapagos to Marquesas. Sightings

We've sailed 1,000nm in just a little over five and a half days. Apart from a lot of the gorgeous deep blue sea, sparkling phosphoresence and plenty of rain squalls, we're not seeing much out here.
On our first day out we saw Spinner dolphins and Elliot caught a nice 7 lb yellowfin tuna. Late this afternoon he landed a small dolphin fish (mahi mahi). Each morning we find flying fish and baby squid on the decks. The ones we don't find straight away, our noses will locate once the poor unfortunates have rested in the sun a while.
Owen and Elliot saw one well lit ship just a mile away the first night of the passage and last night during their watch they saw a container ship on the AIS. It passed about ten miles astern of us.
It's exciting to catch sight of a familiar vessel after almost a week alone on the high seas. We've been in VHF range of Inspiration Lady most of the time. VHF radio has a range of about 20 miles but visual is only about 5 miles. At 3:30am this morning I clearly see her navigation lights south of us on the horizon. She's sailing directly and appropriately beneath the Southern Cross. What a lovely sight!
Posted via SSB radio, position 04 degrees 02 south, 109 degrees 17 minutes west.

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