Saturday, 24 April 2010

Day 6 Galapagos to Marquesas. Navigating our Course.

We've made 900nm in 5 days. The crew of Bristol Rose are enjoy watching the video "Master and Commander".
We left the Galapagos island of Isla Isabela on Sunday 18th of April 2010. We were fortunate to have good wind as we left the delightful anchorage of Villamil. Taking advantage of the wind conditions we took Bristol Rose south on the rhum line. In hindsight this tactic was not necessary as we had favorable wind to enable sailing towards the SE trades. We then sailed due west along a 3 degrees south latitude to avoid the reported area of rough weather conditions. At 105 degrees west we started the remaining 2000nm run along the rhum line to the Marquesas.
We plan to stay on the north side of the rhum line, not to be tempted to make south too early. This strategy should keep the SE Trades on our port beam and keep us in the South Equatorial Current for most the passage. We are receiving reports that boats sailing south of 7 degrees South are outside of the favorable effects of this current.
So far we have enjoyed better then expected SE Trade Winds of 15 - 20 kts. However, sea state is confused and we have experienced numerous rain squalls making for some uncomfortable sailing. Conditions are improving as we move West. Taking it day by day.
posted via SSB
03 24.025S
105 55.967W

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