Friday, 30 April 2010

Day 12, 29th April, 2010 The Ice Cream Run

The main cruising route across the South Pacific runs in a gigantic arc linking Panama with the Torres Strait. It has been affectionately nicknamed the "Milk Run".... The Germans call it... the "Barefoot Route", Jimmy Cornell, World Cruising Routes.
We lost sight of Inspiration Lady a couple of days ago, although we are still in radio contact. We suspect that Gary and Jackie are in fact totally focused on the Ice Cream Run. Among cruising buddies, they have a tradtion that involves the first boat in buying ice cream for the rest. I.L. is giving reports that indicate they are just about 10 miles behind us but there's some way to go yet and we think they will pull out all the stops to get in first. They just love to buy ice cream and Jack on Anthem loves to eat it. Make mine coconut!
Owen and Elliot have graduated to solo watches. They're doing a great job and we have a nice watch schedule that allows enough rest for each of us.
We hit a milestone at about 11:00am; sailed 2,000 miles and have less than one thousand miles to go. YIPPEE!
Posted by SSB radio.
Position 05 degrees 55 minutes south, 123 degress 14 minutes west

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