Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Day 11, Weds April 28

So Blue
We'd forgotten how blue the Pacific can be. Today we were treated to gorgeous sunshine, calmer seas, beautiful blue skies and a pod of dolphins.
When the seas are fairly calm we can look, seemingly forever, into the blue and have to resist the urge to jump in for a refreshing swim. Well, ok, it's not really that tempting an idea to jump overboard. The sea is about 4,000 meters deep around here and keeping up with the boat, as well as climbing aboard, would be a real challenge. Swimming will have to wait.
We love the Pacific so much we are using some of it in our cooking. We've found a little goes a long way. One third sea water to two thirds fresh water works well when cooking pasta, no need to add salt to the pot! Given that we don't have a watermaker, conservation of our precious fresh water is a must.
It's our 26th Wedding Anniversary today. Talk about a novel way to celebrate. It is great to be celebrating with our boys. Maybe we'll find a good restaurant in the Marquesas and splurge a little when we get there.

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  1. Happy anniversary. Your 26th will be one neither of you will forget.