Saturday, 9 January 2010

So what's it really like?

Putting the Monitor to work
Day 3 of WARC. Bristol Rose and crew are 325nm West of St Lucia. Getting ready to leave was very busy with safety inspection to pass, final provisioning, numerous farewell parties and getting mentally prepared to cross the Caribbean Sea.

The past year of sailing to weather did not prepare us too well for what was to come. 1100nm of down wind sailing in 20 to 30kt winds and 8-10 ft swell. The sea is typical Caribbean, short and steep. We have experimented with different sail configurations, none are real comfortable in these conditions. We are currently averaging 7kts for the first 300nm with a maximum speed of over 10 kts surfing down waves.

The crew are doing fine, with the extra people we are settling in on a 4 hour watch schedule that is enabling much needed rest.

Yesterday afternoon was exciting as we caught our first Mahi Mahi of the cruise. Fresh fish for dinner is always welcome aboard Bristol Rose.


  1. It's good to hear from you! Hang in there and stay well!


  2. The Budds at Terrey Hills14 January 2010 at 13:51

    Hey Guys

    We are keeping up with the Float Plan and position reports....sounds like you are having a rough time. Hang in there....not far to go and you have calm water for a while.
    Take care
    Richard, Giselle, Chelsea, Kirra & Declan xxx

  3. Hi Robert and Trish We just got back from Holidays in Narooma, see you finished the first leg well done!! Sounds like a fast passage

    Best Wishes Mick and Dot

  4. HI All Olly (Carole) here. (Carole and John on Eowyn) When you catch up with John on Eowyn in the San Blas give him a few fishing lessons. 8 days at sea and NO FISH!!!! Love the Friday night film and pizza - like your style. Very envious - it's no fun being left on the pontoon. Best wishes to you all and a big birthday kiss for Owen. Cheers Olly