Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Leaving St. Lucia

We won't be too sad to leave St. Lucia. In about 24 hours we'll leave our slip for the start of the rally. It sure feels like we've been preparing for the World ARC Rally and looking forward to the Pacific for long enough. The Bristol Rose team are excited to begin.

Mullet, mouths open, swimming in formation round and round the docks

Water taxi art

The Versatile T-shirt, message on a motor

The homes around the marina remind me of the canals on Queensland's Gold Coast

Gorgeous tropical flowers grow outside the ARC office, a big sky-blue painted container - cool!

Banana plant with a lovely bunch of bananas almost ready to eat

Ever seen an avocado as big as this? Creamy, perfect flavor and gorgeous coloring. Locals come around in their wooden boats selling beauties like this.

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