Sunday, 3 January 2010

Missing Little Miss Daisie

Elliot and Daisie ready for a swim in Bequia

It's Sunday morning and Miss Daisie is nowhere in sight. We're missing her.

Daisie left with our friends, the Ronningens, on New Year's Eve and thanks to their loving care, made it safely to Miami. A pet transport company was ready to keep her until her flight to Maryland on Saturday. Our friends in Maryland, the Weavers, will care for Daisie until she can fly to Australia.

Unfortunately, the same airline that took her to Miami will not take her on to Maryland until we get a larger crate for her, thus delaying her arrival in Maryland even further. The pet company in Miami will help us with the purchase of the new crate and get her back to the airport tomorrow, Monday. No time now for second-thinking anything, we just want her safely transported to the Weavers who know her and will care for her.

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