Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Windwards

Rain clouds follow us into the anchorage of Admiralty Bay, Bequia.

June 8, 2009. We left the Leeward islands and made it to Martinique, our first stop in the Windwards. In Martinique we separated from our group of cruisers to go directly to Bequia, as they headed for a reunion in St. Lucia with Ken and Dianne of Annie II. Our goal is Grenada by the end of June.

Currently in the beautiful island of Bequia, we are enjoying great food, great wifi, the company of new friends and the gorgeous waters of the area. I'll post more pictures of Martinique and Bequia soon. Today we are leaving for Mustique, just a couple of hours sail from here.


  1. Another obvious use of photoshop I see. LOL

  2. Blake, you just had to be here. Another photoshop moment, Ha!
    Catch up soon you guys!
    Trish & Robert