Thursday, 25 June 2009

Mates are Great... Meet a few of our friends, cruising down island.

The best and worst of cruising. We've made many new friends in the past 7 months (the best) and said goodbye to most as we've gone our separate ways (the worst). Along the way, we've been able to share passages, some great; some challenging. We've enjoyed quiet and vibrant anchorages and locations with our mates, making our time so much more special. Here in one spot for a while are some of our cruising mates, friends old and new.

Left to right and back to front - sort of: We met Dave and Jacqui, Jackster in St. Pierre; we crossed from Turks & Caicos to Luperon, plus the Mona Passage and the Anegada with Jack, Anthem; it took many "you have to meet Beach House" moments with others before we finally met Pat and Geoff (Aussie) in Basse Terre, Guadeloupe; Mel and Joe are "old" mates aboard Spectra - whom we met in Conception Island, Bahamas in early March; (front) Ray and Genna, Night Hawk rescued Bristol Rose when our anchor dragged in Luperon in March and we crossed the Mona and Anegada with them; Barry joined us from Australia in St. Martin mid May; we met Jackie and Gary, Inspiration Lady, by radio, en route across the Mona Passage from Luperon, Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico, March 30 to April 2.

Everyone gathered for a meal at a nice little french restaurant in St. Pierre, Martinique to say farewell to Barry on one of his last nights aboard Bristol Rose.

Jack looks like he's about to let Barry in on a few cruising stories while Joe is wondering where this is going.

We introduced Barry to some of our land-locked mates.

He tried out some of his one-liners, but that didn't seem to go anywhere with this French model in The Saintes.

Ray also had some difficulty communicating with the locals and went away without any baguettes but he did manage to find the Tex Mex restaurant in Fort de France, Martinique.

As the sun set over the gorgeous islands of The Saintes, the rowdy group gathered in the cockpit is entertained by some of those famous Barry Tidd lines.

Roger and Danielle from Chocobo, Jack from Anthem, Gary Inspiration Lady

Robert, Jackie Inspiration Lady, Barry, Ray & Genna Night Hawk, Roger Chocobo

Pat and Geoff hosted a very enjoyable evening aboard their Endeavour, Beach House.

Barry agreed to play the keyboard but when Pat produced her flexible (as in rolled up like a chart) keyboard from the bowels of the ship, he just had to admit defeat. Over at the local bar though, we did get the opportunity to enjoy a tune when I wrestled the piano from the owner and twisted Barry's arm - and I didn't have the camera on hand. Hey Mel, where are those photos?

Melanie and Joe, Spectra, Trish, Robert and Barry on Mel's birthday in Roseau.

Sadly, we said farewell to Barry in Martinique. He is heading back to Australia via the bright lights, slots, wheels and card tables of Las Vegas. We can only hope that luck is on his side in Vegas and that his wallet does not end up as empty as his cabin. Best of luck Barry, it was great to share the Caribbean with you.

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