Monday, 1 June 2009

St. Christopher and Nevis

This striking black and white reflection of a catamaran's webbing or netting caught my eye.

Approaching St. Christopher (St. Kitts). Cloud covered peaks are a common sight as we cruise these volcanic islands.

Ballast Bay's black sand beach and wonderful snorkeling were a pleasant surprise in St. Kitts.

At last, we are in Roti territory. The abundance of good food is refreshing after so long in the culinary desert we call the Bahamas. The mix of European, Tropical and Caribbean foods here tastes like home to us. We've been missing Australia's fantastic culinary variety of fresh foods for too long.

Barry is keeping company with a blonde. Daisie doesn't mind making herself comfortable and seems to have "claimed" Barry. It's a short sail fr
om St. Kitts to Nevis. Time for 40 winks.

Nevis. Afternoon rains are common. We are in the tropics and it feels like Queensland.

BR on a mooring ball, near the Four Seasons (closed) between Pinney's Beach and Charlestown, Nevis. St. Kitts in the background.

If you don't like being kept awake all night and half the morning (up to 6am), don't stay near Charlestown, capital of Nevis. The loud music is hard to bear. The mooring field near Pinney's is large and anchoring is not allowed. Checking in was also a challenge here. St. Kitts and Nevis are not the most easy islands we have visited with a fair amount of "chasing" around town to complete the check-in process, however tours of both with local taxi drivers are worth the effort. Daisie does not like the UK islands much at all. She has all her papers and health checks but they make it difficult to bring her ashore. Only after we have paid for a vet to see her is she allowed entry.

Fishermen return to Nevis harbour with a great catch of Dolphin fish (Mahi Mahi)

Fresh eggs at the Nevis markets.

Wherever we go throughout the Caribbean we see portraits of US President Obama. There's a real excitement and a hope that he may be able to work with all nations to bring about a better world.

The restaurant at the Golden Rock Estate in Nevis set in beautiful gardens, perched on a hill overlooking the ocean.

The Three Aussies, Barry, Robert and our taxi driver, Aussie. Aussie is a very well informed man with an interest in the world and everyone in it. He could tell us a thing or two about Australian political history!

The ginger blossom.

Monkeys on the fence at Golden Gate.

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  1. We spent some time on Nevis two years's a pretty special place.