Thursday, 22 January 2009

Slow Down Squalls

Calm days in the anchorage, Marsh Harbour, Abaco, Bahamas

Marsh Harbour looking West.

Marsh Harbour, looking East

A commercial vessel makes it way into harbour on western side.

The squall we've been expecting from the west with winds in the 20's and gusting 30 knots plus.

The harbour waters become bumpy.

Gently waving palms turn to violent flapping.

Fellow sailors ride out the squall, watching anchors and hoping all efforts at setting and securing will pay off to ensure there’ll be no dragging.

During the squall the ferry Donnie V passes between us and our neighbour Wild Card.

As one squall passes ahead of the cold front the usually vibrant colors of the Bahamas are drained away. Now it's just plain cold - hopefully just for a day or two!

Squalls and cold fronts just have to run their course. Meanwhile all we mere humans can do is wait. Waiting gives us an opportunity to slow down and spend more time with fellow sailors. Time too to hatch new plans and learn from those who have much more experience!

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