Saturday, 10 January 2009

Canon Power Shot G9 is Cool

Is this an Osprey?  If you know the birds of Florida, I'd be glad to have your comment.

Robert's camera is so much fun to use that I find myself grabbing it first and leaving my much heavier digital SLR in its case.  For quick shots it's pretty cool.  The Power Shot G9 is a 12.1 mega pixel camera and I'd describe it as something in between an SLR and a point and shoot.  

I especially like the image stabilization when I'm taking photos from the boat.  The 25x zoom is amazing, and the macro feature isn't bad although I'd never compare it to my macro lenses for the SLR.

I'm pleased I was able to get the shot of the bird taking flight as we dinghied around one of the small islands at Vero Beach.  You can see the feet just leaving the resting spot and the soft under feathers as the wings are spread for flight.  It's wonderful to see these magnificent birds up close.


  1. Great camera Trish. I hear you with the weight and bulk of a SLR ... they're nice to have but not always the most convenient when you're on trips. Robert made a good choice with the G9.

  2. Haunting...but seeing this image captured reminds me of just how fragile nature is. I wonder if people take that for granted? Your photo is a document of this bird today but I wonder what wildlife will be around in the coming years.

    Warmest Regards,


  3. Yes, Trish, that is an osprey. Great shots! Fair winds and when and where might we see you again?
    Penny, Viking Rose

  4. WOW THIS IS AMAZING! I am so jealous! What a great picture.

  5. Comments much appreciated and thank you for confirmation of the Osprey.
    We are holed up in Man O War Cay. Made it to the Abacos yesterday. Waiting for weather to pass. Couldn't think of a better place to spend a few days.