Thursday, 1 January 2009

PhEwww, What Stinks?

"What stinks?" we were all asking as we got into the dinghy to head ashore for a shower one morning in St. Augustine.

Owen must have left his fishing bait lying on the deck.  A quick check of the fishing gear, no, nothing stinky there.  Boy, you guys really need that shower!  No, the smell is much worse than that.  Wait, what are those spots that weren't there before?
What's that dripping from up there on the spreader?  Who knows, but the boat sure needs a wash down.  Let's take care of showers and we'll clean up when we get back on  board.  Sure hope that stink goes away.  Maybe the head is at fault.

I can't believe it.  I'm killing myself laughing at the sight greeting us as we return.  The boys like to congratulate themselves on their fishing prowess but this is ridiculous - now we have fish falling from the skies?!

So that's the stink!  Blood dribble and all!  That bird I heard this morning must have deposited it's catch up on the spreader and it's finally landed on top of our cockpit cover.  Thanks, but no thanks, this one won't be gracing our dinner table.

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