Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Quiet Anchorages

Our anchorage on the Calabash River turned out to be one of the most pleasant, even though we took the advice of Captain Bob and anchored just off the ICW, adjacent to the inlet and just inside the river. Although it looked like we'd be in line for boat wake all night, we had the spot to ourselves and slept well.
Daisie stands atop a mountain of oyster shells on the banks of the Calabash. Is this where the remains of so many Myrtle Beach Calabash "all you can eat seafood" meals end up?

When we checked the weather on TV, we got the answer to the question "what are those two beautiful stars pointing towards the moon tonight?". Venus (the brighter of the two planets) and Jupiter appear close together with the moon and we were lucky enough to see the beautiful trio. If you are under 50, you might be lucky enough to see Jupiter as well as Venus in this pic.


  1. I thought I could see Venus and Jupiter in your picture, but upon further reflection (and after wiping my dusty laptop screen off) I cannot. I guess I am over 50.


  2. C'mon Craig, you're still just a pup. Maybe you just can't see it from there!

  3. Hey Trish we had this in Oz but for us it was described as a smiley face with the two stars being the eyes and the moon the smile looks like in the northern hemisphere it was an upside down sad face. Does this say anything about the overall moods in the two reions. Have been following your blog with great interest. Great to her all about your adventures

    Best Wishes Mick and Dot