Friday, 19 December 2008

Day 2 in Florida: Feels Like Paradise!

While friends are searching for paradise much further south, we've found instant paradise here in Fernandina Beach, Florida. The weather is nothing short of perfect, mid seventies. After 4 weeks of cold, rain, snow flurries, frost and ice, we are finally able to open the portholes and have warm fresh air flow through the cabin.

The fish are biting, Porgies or Sheepshead, Archorsargus probatocephalus to be exact. Robert has bought some Redfish from the local fish vendor. That should ensure some fish being caught today. He and Daisie have taken the dinghy up river into the marshes and come back with a two pound Sheepshead. There are a lot of oysters on the bottom so another trip is necessary to pick up some more tackle and they are off again. Robert calls on the VHS after a half hour to say he'd better quit soon because the earlier fish was just a baby. Two hours later and still no sign of the fishing crew. I hope they haven't been snatched by gators! Wait! I see them now, casting out by the marshy edge just across from where Bristol Rose is moored.

Day 2 in Florida and we have freshly caught fish for dinner, not just one but three good-sized fish with the largest looking like four pounds or so.

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  1. Hello Trish and Robert, woof Daisie Dog! Now I am jealous: you are catching fish! I have tried that for weeks without any success and kinda given up. Oysters are much easier to catch... We are at the very end of the Megadock in Charleston City Marina now and really like the town, the weather and the people here, so we decided to stay for a while. Florida has to wait. Enjoy your time in paradise and hope to see you again! Stephanie