Friday, 19 December 2008

Keeping in Touch.

Lunch stop on the ICW 
We dropped the anchor in this quiet spot among the oyster beds, just off the ICW, south of McClellanville and enjoyed a nice lunch in the sun.  We could have stayed there for ages, all alone.  It was a change for us as we usually have lunch as we are moving along the ICW, with few places to actually drop the anchor.

Even when we are in a marina, keeping in touch and finding wifi connections that last for more than a few seconds is a challenge.  When we have a connection we will do our best to add news and images and most importantly, update our Float Plan.  The link for Bristol Rose Float Plan is right here on our blog, right hand side under the heading "Other Bristol Rose Blogs":

You can always email us by clicking on the envelope over in the right hand column under "Crew Connection".

Our float plan indicates our whereabouts and expected time of arrival at a new destination, so that if we should not turn up where and when we've planned within a reasonable timeframe, someone will think to raise the alarm.  Just a basic precaution!  

As we travel either along the ICW or offshore, we've found that the US Coast Guard is very quick to respond to calls.  They monitor Channel 16 and frequently broadcast information regarding hazards, etc.  Yesterday I heard the Coast Guard broadcasting that ships should be on the lookout for Southern Right Whales in the vicinity of St. Mary's Inlet, the inlet we came through enroute to Fernandina Beach.  Someone called back to report sighting an adult and calf.  How exciting!  The whales are endangered and boats should stay at least 500 yards from them.  In the harbor here, we are told to look out for manatees, although it is a little too cold for them here right now.

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