Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Can't Beat Southern Hospitality

On our way into Charleston, SC this morning we came through the Ben Sawyer Swing Bridge. To proceed, hail the operator for an opening on Channel 9. On our way to the bridge we were monitoring the converstations between boats and the lady operator.

Most boaters are overly polite when requesting a bridge opening. They recieved mixed responses from the bridge operator. The lady operating the Ben Sawyer Bridge stood out from the rest. No southern drawl here, quick and snappy like a gator. If you are going too slow then she is quick to get on the radio and tell you to hurry up. Ignore this demand at your peril. If you are too slow you will just have to wait until next time she collects a huddle of boats waiting for an opening. The trick is not to be too early or you'll be circling for a while and whatever you do, don't be last in line.

Needless to say the crew of Bristol Rose were on their toes and got to the bridge in quick time. I guess if I had to sit and wait for boats to appear, request an opening and then head off down the waterway to more exotic locations I'd be a little snappy too!


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  2. we are a few weeks ahead of you on the ICW (on our way to Fernandina Beach tonight) and had read on curisers net about the issues with the bridge tender at the ben sawyer bridge. fortunately we had a very pleasant experience the day we arrived in Charleston. goes to show you you never know what you'll get! safe travels. lauren s/v mary elizabeth

  3. Hi Trish..

    Are you still planning on coming to Ellicott city on the 12th?

    Give me a call if you do decide to stay with me
    or leave a comment on my blog below.