Thursday, 20 November 2008


Life has been so hectic over the past few, short months that we’ve barely had time to reflect upon all the changes. Even as we sail south, there are still some details to be completed. Any one of the life changes we are going through would be enough to create a stress overload; retirement from a job of 21 years, selling a home, (talk about timing!), packing up worldly goods and shipping half way around the world, embarking upon an extended cruise to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, and the most difficult change of all, becoming “empty nesters”.

After 12 years in the USA, it’s hard to untangle the mess of emotions we’re feeling as we go through the process of uprooting and moving back to Australia. Friends and family ask “Are you excited?”. We can only respond that excitement is just one of the emotions that come to mind, and not necessarily the first.

Being Aussies, we’re doing the reverse of the usual empty nesters’ scenario of American families. We’re stretching our wings with our sailing plans and eventual return to Australia; Owen and Elliot remain in Maryland for the near future to complete technical college and work. We’re sad to be traveling without our children, even though they are very capable young adults, happy with their chosen fields of study and work. We’re missing you and wish you could be traveling with us. We’re looking forward to a break in your schedules - and warmer weather, when you can join us. Daisie is also missing you.
We are grateful to have had many opportunities to expand our horizons while in the USA, both through work and the friendships we have been fortunate to find. We are going to miss our friends and expect to see you in Sydney whenever you can make the trip.

When the time comes to take the final step in our return to our Sydney home, we’ll be looking foward to seeing friends and family there once more. For now and the next few months, we’re excited to be experiencing the wonders of the USA, in our very comfortable home on the water.

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  1. Hey Trish & Robert.....LOVE reading your blog and keeping up to date....we are looking forward to following it, it looks sooo cold ......and don't forget - your niece & nephew are looking forward to meeting you when you return to Australia!!!!
    Richard & Giselle xxxx