Sunday, 30 November 2008

Bristol Rose goes Off-shore

Dolphins travelled with us most of the time while off-shore.
We took advantage of a short weather window that allowed us to head off-shore from Beaufort inlet, NC and come back in 70 miles latter at Masonboro inlet. We sailed 20 miles off shore, saw one other boat and were accompanied by dolphins and rain most of the trip.  Winds peaked around 20 knots, seas two to four foot.  We sailed at a top speed around 7 knots.  The wind was not bad although it was a little confused.  Fishermen we heard on the radio during the day described the seas as "rougher than a corn cob".

It was a relief to see the sea bouy marking the entry to Masonboro inlet after 15 hours and feeling cold and wet.  All in all, we did fine.

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