Monday, 24 November 2008

Crossing The Albemarle Sound

Boats appear to float on the glassy waters of the Albemarle Sound as the 
Alligator River Swing Bridge opens to allow them to pass to the south.

Following a delightful trip through the Dismal Swamp we were looking forward to stopping and exploring the township of Elizabeth City. We docked at the free dock with the help of Calvin, a Canadian/Jamaican, sailing his Alberg 30 Voyager from Nova Scotia. No sooner had we docked Bristol Rose, Calvin mentioned that tomorrow will be a great weather day to cross the Albemarle Sound. We decided to go for it and departed around 4am. So much for exploring Elizabeth City. As they say, time and tide wait for no man, woman or dog!

Albemarle Sound is the largest freshwater sound in the U.S. It's also reputed to have the roughest inland waters with the potential to quickly turn nasty. So it's worth taking advantage of a favorable weather window. We had a very pleasant crossing with the water positively glassy. Trish's picture of the boats coming behind us through the Alligator River Swing Bridge will give you a sense of just how unpredictable the Albemarle can be!

Voyager at anchor Pungo Creek morning after crossing the Albemarle Sound.

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