Monday, 24 November 2008

Miss Daisie

Daisie enjoys just being with her family. As a puppy she loved running in the snow but she seems to be feeling the cold. Not surprising given the temps are close to freezing during the day and in the 20’s overnight. Everyone we meet is complaining about the unusually cold weather for this time in the Fall - snow for heaven’s sake! When Miss Daisie’s warm jacket appears, she tries to hide. She gets to dress up anyway, and we throw a sail cover over her if she’s out in the cockpit.

Before we could tie up at the North Carolina Welcome Center on the Great Dismal Swamp she had jumped off the boat to say hello to some of the locals. We can tell she is missing Owen and Elliot and hugs and kisses from Miss Alyss.

Traveling with a pooch can be a challenge. Daisie is sweet tempered and easy to have around. She has some basic needs, like regular trips ashore. She loves the dinghy rides when we are anchored out. She barks encouragement at the outboard and you’d swear she thinks the dinghy is hers exclusively.

Frost covers the dinghy.

The greatest challenge is getting Daisie to “go potty” on command when we are underway and can’t get to shore. Daisie’s training; so far, ongoing! We are using the pungent canine training drops that when dropped in the appropriate place, should prompt a response in dogs to “go potty”. She’s holding on like a trooper. Time for the daily-double; the Daisie dinghy dash.

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