Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Trinidad Moment

Changed the Racor fuel filters on the Yanmar this morning. To complete the job I needed to buy some diesel fuel to clean and flush out the filter bowl and top off after replacing the filter.

Walked over to the fuel dock to buy a gallon of diesel.

Made my request, "no, can't do! You need to bring your passport and boat papers first. Then I can sell you fuel at the higher international rate" of $4:80TT per litre vs $2.70TT local rate. If you are wondering, yes I did ask to buy at the local rate.... No!

Back to the boat, pick up the papers, back to the fuel dock, more paper work and I get my Diesel from the "International Pump" and I am back to finishing off the filter replacement job.

Oh, the pump attendand said she liked my Aussie Passport.


  1. They've succeeded in overcharging foreigners legitimately now. Too funny, you have to prove your worthy of being overcharged.

  2. Oh well at least you only needed a gallon

  3. Don't know whether to laugh or groan. Wonder if it's worth working on my patois and a tan to save $2.10TT a liter?

  4. Even more bizzare you can take your dinghy, but only your dinghy, to the fishermans fuel dock and get all the fuel you want at the local rate. Only in Trinidad!