Tuesday, 1 September 2009

In Tune Outdoors

We're more in tune with the weather because we just have to be.

Living on a sailboat can bring unexpected pleasures. We live an outdoors kind of life and nature always presents something of interest. Try as I may to avoid running for the camera every time I see a stunning sunset, which is often, I can rarely resist the chance to capture it for future enjoyment. Another big temptation is the reflection of objects and light on the water. But those are for another post.

These two images were captured within 10 minutes. The image above looks to me something like a rearing horse or a begging Daisie. The image below is of the same cloud mass. We watched it morph before our eyes.

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  1. Hi Guys Nice to meet some fellow Aussies in Trini, We set out 9 years ago on a one year plan to see if we liked it, Now half way around the world and find it hard to imagine any other lifestyle. Forget the bad weather,enjoy the good times which are much more prevelant and remember you are only on this earth once so enjoy everyday.
    Terry and Elaine
    Virgo's Child