Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Back to Maryland

Here are some photos I've taken over the past 5+ weeks in Trini. We're not quite feeling like locals but we've settled into the routine and found our way around without too much trouble.

We walked around to the Trinidad and Tobabo Sailing Association (TTSA) anchorage the other day and spotted these local cuties drying off after a swim.

TTSA anchorage

Today I'm on a flight back to Maryland. As we look back through our blog we are amazed at how far we have come, in so many ways. Three thousand miles in the space of about nine months.

M/V Emily Grace, moored off Peake's yard.

Jackie and Gary, S/V Inspiration Lady

During the last two months in Grenada and Trinidad, we've had time to stop, rest and reflect upon all the great times and the wonderful people we have had the good fortune to meet and to travel with.

Elaine of S/V Virgo's Child on her birthday, with Jesse James of Member's Only

Terry (Virgo's Child) and Robert playing pool at Sail's Bar & Restaurant

While Robert and Daisie stay with the boat to continue maintenance work and preparations, I'll spend a few land-lubber weeks catching up with friends and most importantly spending time with our boys. Bristol Rose is truly our home these days so being on land again, in a house, is going to feel pretty different!

Dave and Laura

Dave's biscuits and gravy, best in Texas and Trinidad!

I'm going with a list of "to do's" including a day at the Annapolis Sailboat Show, plus and a substantial shopping list. The majority of my time will be spent helping Owen and Elliot move out of their apartment.

The sunsets here even make Power Boat's fuel dock look good.

Most sailors arriving in Trinidad have come a very long way. This boat makes me think of the Kon Tiki Expedition. I love the director's chair under the shade cloth.
Robert and I are looking forward to welcoming them back aboard BR as crew during our journey across the Pacific. The last time they were with us was for Christmas in St. Augustine, Florida. This time they'll get to really sail. It will be a unique learning experience for all of us. There's always something new to learn no matter how long you've been sailing. We'll get to do some downwind sailing with the Trades and we have not done much of that for quite a while.

Dock C, Bristol Rose is the third boat on the left.

When I return to Trinidad, we'll haul Bristol Rose at the Power Boats yard where she is currently slipped. Then the messy work of bottom sanding and painting begins in earnest. Hurricane season ends at the end of October and we want to have ourselves and Bristol Rose ready to sail north to St. Lucia for Christmas.

USS Doyle visited Chaguaramas a couple of weeks ago.

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