Sunday, 19 July 2009

Put a smile on your face

Rivers Royale Rum 75% alc/vol or 152 proof! This rum will put a smile on your face as well set your hair on fire. We took in a tour of the distillery that has been making fire water and fine rums since 1785. From what we saw nothing much has changed in the 200 years Rivers have been making rum on the north coast of Grenada.

As noted by the Grenada Explorer "...your credulity is stretched to bursting point as you sample the product. Words fail most people, partly as they fight to describe the impact of a factory that refused to be dragged into the nineteenth century, partly because the vocal chords are rendered incapable for a while by the 75% potion."

We too are lost for words, check out the video


  1. Fantastic video - captures the timewarp and the impact of the product

  2. Excellent post, and video, enjoyed that. My Dad actually ran the River Antoine distillery for a period when he first went to Grenada in 1987, it hasn't changed since! Shortly after he acquired the Calabash Hotel which he owns to this day. The rum is lethal, with a mouthful of the stuff, a burning spill in front of your face and pursed lips you can actually breathe fire with it, but you have to be quick as your mouth is numb within seconds. It's the only drink I've ever seen which ice sinks in.

    Along with Grenada Chocolate Co the distillery is one of Grenada's unique stories. We blogged about Grenada Chocolate recently.

    Thanks for the read!

  3. Oops, forgot to say there's a video of Grenada Chocolate at another post on our blog. Did you guys go to the chocolate factory too?

  4. The Chocolate Factory was top of our tour list but we're told the owner is no longer conducting tours. We've already become addicted to Grenada Chocolate so it's probably a good thing if we keep our distance from the factory!

    Enjoying your video and blog.