Sunday, 26 July 2009

Something Fishy in Gouyave

The small town of Gouyave, on the west coast of Grenada, has a huge appetite for fish, music and party.

The Market Building in Gouyave

Local guy getting into the party spirit.

This guy is definitely not from these parts! That MAMBO Loud Shirt says it all.

Ray and Genna didn't miss the bus to hang with the locals.

Every Friday, from 4:00pm to 1:00am, Gouyave puts on the best street fare. It's the Gouyave Fish Fry, all prepared in small street stalls - Tacos, Kebabs, Lasagna, springs rolls all made with fish and of course, fish and chips, grilled fish, fried fish and fish cakes. We even spotted Lambi (Chonch) Pizza, stuffed land crabs and boneless flying fish, fried breadfruit, plantains, Rum, Fruit juices and nutmeg ice cream.

D Fish Bowl serves snapper cooked in foil over hot coals

Fish Tacos, and next to them, stuffed land crabs wrapped in plastic.
Gouyave has earned the title of the town that does not sleep. These Caribbean fishermen are a tough act. Fish all day, party all night.
The hypnotic, rhythmic beat of the drums brings out the dancers
The clothes and the beat are distinctly African in origin.
Man with a Conch Horn

A head in the crowd. Where's Robert?

Some buildings in Gouyave hint at a much grander past.

Tired cruisers line up against the sea wall for the bus home

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