Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Double Entendre, Play on Words, Gag Names

The names people bestow upon their boats. Some like to play on words, others use the name as a statement about the owner, while others share their "rule to live by". Take Bristol Rose, a rose by any other name...... rose of the sea, built in Bristol, Rhode Island. We inherited her name and wouldn't think of changing it.

Devine Peace

Names like Downtime, No Rush and Live Now make a statement that requires little explanation. There's more than a little humour and perhaps some resignation to the owner's fate in some of the boat names we've encountered on our travels.
The owner's prerogative, duly exercised!

Obviously, the owner is a teenager or a two year old!
Abiding Love - has a certain ring to it.

Fishing boats, water taxis and racing boats in the islands are especially entertaining: No Complain, Trust no Friend, Who Say So. We can only wonder about the experiences leading the owner to make such a statement, so boldly displayed for all to see.

Jah Blessing and JUN-KA-LEAD

Sea Fox and Men of Respect

One of the most memorable boat names for us is Sunspot Baby. We often heard the name on the radio but never did get to meet the owner. The name just has a ring to it. It reminds Robert (and even he does not know why!) of the Aussie band, INXS. Now there's a great name if ever there was one!

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