Monday, 27 April 2009

Spectacular Bioluminescence

Everyone says it's a waste of time taking a camera. There's no way you can get a picture of this natural wonder, especially on a moonless night and certainly not with a flash. Even so, I set out with camera in waterproof bag for the dinghy ride around the couple of headlands to the "special bay".

Where? The secluded bay of Puerto Mosquito in Vieques. When? Some dark night. Why? As Pavlidis says in his guide to Puerto Rico: "If there is something you must do in your lifetime it is to dive on a moonless night into the dark serene waters..... you will see the water splash up in a burst of millions of lights as if fireworks were sent up from the depths".

It is indeed true, "as you glide through the water you develop an eerie glow and when you resurface, thousands of sparkling lights remain on you for a brief moment". Sunny, Blake and Robert seem dazzled by the experience.

We feel as if we are part of a Disney movie! Tinkerbell must have been here.

I'm so glad I took the camera! The spectacle would have been impossible to describe.


  1. WOW. Very cool pix. I'm glad you took the camera.


  2. Wow Trish - that looks fantastic....your picture tells more than 1000 words.....

    Richard, Giselle, Kirra, Declan & of course Jet xxxx