Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Give me my WiFi!

WiFi hot spot on the cabin top under the boom.

Thanks to the Villa Parguera I've been able to update our blog with stories that have been brewing for weeks plus loads of pictures. The WiFi drought has finally been broken.

We've been able to provision well and eat well. We've been able to find fuel and water when we need it. But ask any cruiser what are their greatest challenges and they're likely to tell you it's access to reliable communications (phone and wifi) with family and friends ashore. The Dominican Republic was a wifi desert, despite the fact that the local cruiser's hangout provided free wifi with a meal - it seldom worked.

We depend on our VHF and SSB radios for communications, mostly with other vessels as well as the Coast Guard (in case of emergency) and local autorities and businesses providing services to cruisers. Getting wifi is sometimes as simple as asking, thanks to the friendly receptionist at Villa Parguera in the fishing village of La Parguera on the south coast of Puerto Rico.

Floor tiles in the lobby of Villa Parguera. Toes an unexpected addition.


  1. Great to see you Trish!
    Looking forward to when you arrive in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the Tobago Cays and Grenada.
    Warm Spring Regards,

  2. Waaaaaa... I'd love to come! Philip is still in Stuart, FL, but is thinking about taking Southern Cross II to the Keys. I went back to Germany last week, but I'm lucky: This is the nicest spring we ever had! Temperatures in the 80s - of course people are already complaining that it's too hot... So... where will you be in June? Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter Stephanie!
    We expect to be somewhere in the Caribbean during June, likely the Windward Islands, Martinique, Grenada, Dominica. Have to be out of the hurricane zone by end of June.

  4. Denee, great to hear from you. Trish

  5. Ok. I've been a good boy. I've posted pictures to my blog. I've added new stories - even one with a shark, dammit!

    Now why are we not listed in your favorite blogs? Bloody Aussies!

    Just kidding! ;-) Hope you guys are having the time of your lives!