Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Catching Up With Elliot

From the beach it's just a short walk across the road to the Mooloolaba Marina  on the river.

There's a nice little chandlery here just next to the marina so we do our best to boost the local economy.  It's time to bin the old yellow sailing jacket that's served Robert so well, how about a nice new red Musto, perfect fit!  There's always a reason to shop so we keep ourselves busy through the day with a few lingering "to dos".  The walk into the shopping centre in Mooloolaba is a bit further than we thought so shopping will be limited by what we can schlep back.  

It's just on sunset and Elliot's calling to tell us he's at the marina.  Fantastic!  We put him straight to work running errands in the car.  There are no passengers on this boat, only crew and Elliot is expert.  Over dinner at a local fish 'n chips joint we catch up on all his latest news about his studies and uni life.  Life is good.

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