Monday, 29 June 2015

1770 to Rosslyn Bay

Daisie watches Bristol Rose leaving 1770

The next long leg for the crew of Bristol Rose is 1770 to Rosslyn Bay, Yeppoon, with stops at Pancake Creek and Cape Capricorn.  Robert and Elliot dinghy Daisie and I over to the dock.  

We jump in the car and drive up to Round Hill Head to see them safely out through the very narrow bar to the open ocean.  

By road it is an easy drive to Rockhampton.  The big challenge is finding a pet friendly place for Daisie and I to spend a couple of nights.  We spent one night in a rather unfortunate hotel in Rockhampton and moved on early the next morning to Yeppoon.  I found an accommodating Tourist/Caravan Park where we spent a peaceful night in a 1950's style fibro semi-detached "cabin".  When Daisie and I walked the next morning I was surprised to see a notice attached to the outside wall "DANGER ASBESTOS".  Do not drill or ....".  Luckily we had not expected to do any renovations and had left the tools at home.  The best of both accommodations was the genuinely friendly people we encountered.

We checked out early to get breakfast and a good look at the Kepple Bay Marina in Rosslyn Bay, where we'd meet Bristol Rose in a few hours.  So what is there to do while we wait?  There's only so much walking and coffee...  I could drive up to Byfield where there is a pottery artist's studio and giftshop.  Right up my alley, it's set in beautiful bushland and the owners encourage visitors to walk around the property.  Despite the owner's dog roaming the giftshop, visiting dogs are not welcome beyond the carpark, so my browsing was a lot shorter than it otherwise might have been.

Our stay at Kepple Bay Marina has been a little longer than planned but we had time to explore and get the usual jobs done like laundry, shopping, etc.  We had an unexpectedly excellent meal at the Marina.  The restaurant is first class, with a matching price tag - but what the heck!

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