Saturday, 16 October 2010

Mt. Yasur Volcano

A John Frum village at the foot of the Mt. Yasur volcano
Visiting the small island of Tanna in Vanuatu was for us, one of the most amazing experiences of the past 2 years of cruising.  We anchored in Port Resolution (named after Captain Cook's ship).  When he visited he was not permitted to go up to the volcano.  We took a sunset tour in the back of a truck - that's how everyone gets around.

Bislama is the national language but perfect English is also spoken by many in the villages.  Village life looks much the same as it always has, with no hint of the modern day except for an occasional red "digicel top up" sign.

Climbing the rim

Where there's smoke...

there's an explosion

Sunset on the rim, making the climb to the top of the crater

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  1. Great! Great! And once again GREAT! This place has to be like being in other world!
    We don´t know anything about this planet.
    Thank you for sharing this article.
    by: Yoram Yasur