Saturday, 23 October 2010

Close to Home

It's 4.30am Saturday and we're only about 145 miles from Brisbane, ETA Sunday afternoon.
I'm finishing my watch and thinking, close to home, just one more night on passage. Two years of cruising coming to a close. Feeling excited, tired, and maybe on the verge of getting emotional. Better get some sleep now.


  1. Robert,
    This is s/v Islandgirl from WhiteRocks in Md .I have followed your blog since u left and it's so wonderful for you to be almost home!It has been an exciting blog,with all the ups and downs.Sure glad everyone(including Daisy)is safe and sound .Good luck to you all!!!!
    Sheri and Chuck

  2. Hi Sheri and Chuck,
    Good to hear from you. Fond memories of White Rocks. All the best,
    Robert & Trish

  3. Hi Robert, your cousin David here. Must feel good sailing into home turf. Will you be calling in at Fingal beach on your journey? Perhaps up the Tweed river? Nice to read what you have been doing with only a slight amount of jealousy. Regards to yourself and family. David Budd