Friday, 3 September 2010

On the Road Again... to Fiji

Day 3, Friday, Sept 3rd, 2010. Tonga to Fiji
Today is slow going but at least the sun is shining and the temperature is a little warmer. We left Nuku'alofa on Wednesday around 2.30pm and had cold, cold rain for the next 12 hours. Had to bring out the foul weather gear, first time since the USA in Nov/Dec 2008. Winter has just officially ended in the Southern Hemisphere.
We bid a sad farewell to Tonga before setting out on our 420nm passage to Fiji. We spent longer in Tonga than we had planned, because we enjoyed the country so much. Owen and Elliot did their PADI diving certification while there and even got to swim with a whale and her calf.
Tonga is one of those forks in the road for cruisers crossing the Pacific. Many will head south to New Zealand for the summer, others head further west to Australia. We bid farewell to Anthem, Dignity, Inspiration Lady, Jackster, Albatross III, Lilith, MaaMalni and so many others. We do hope to see them all in Australia next year.
We continue to make new friends, that's what cruising is about, hellos and goodbyes and sharing experiences in between with some amazing people. Like John on Sea Angel who we met in Niue, headed for his home in New Zealand. We hope to see him and Maria and the crew again. Whiskers, Fine Gold, InnforaPenny II, Salacia, Toroa III, Joule, Zenitude and Delacado are all headed for Australia so we might catch up with them in Fiji.
Will we see those Bubbles Boys in Fiji? Not sure but we hope so. The Bubbles crew has made cruising the Pacific more than a laugh and a half - oh, to be young and carefree.

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