Thursday, 23 September 2010

Greetings from Fiji

Musket Cove
Bristol Rose and crew are still in Fiji and will leave next week for Vanuatu.  We have made a departure from our usual cruising method of exploring to the max and have spent most of our time in Fiji, just relaxing in Musket Cove.  Who knows what we are going to do with all this Kava purchased in anticipation of the Fiji islands' custom of sevu sevu.  The folks at Musket Cove don't seem to be the Kava types.

Owen and Elliot have been night diving, swimming, sailing and generally having a good time.  Lots of photos taken but the slow connection does not allow image uploads!

Good news with Miss Daisie, she has received approval to enter Australia and will have 30 days quarantine in Sydney before she is released to us.  Yes, it does feel something like a jail sentence.

Our Pacific Crossing is fast coming to an end.  We are all looking forward to being reunited with family, Daisie, seeing friends and rediscovering our Aussie home after so many years away.

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