Friday, 23 July 2010

World ARC Fleet in Australia

French Polynesia to Niue, Day 3. Position 17 08s, 155 38w
Today is overcast with a bit of blue poking through. We did experience winds over 25 knots last night as the cold front passed over us on it's way east.
We're thinking about our friends in the World ARC fleet. They are arriving in Mackay this week and we're disappointed not to be with them. Cruisers make friends fast and make fast friends! Will we ever see them again? We truly hope so.
When we can get a wifi connection we check their locations and daily logs. Some of the crews have jumped off in order to spend more time in the Pacific. They might catch the WARC on the next round, 2012-2013.
Being a part of the World ARC has been a good experience for us. Much thanks to Paul Tetlow and the World ARC team who have continued to support us along the way as we've trailed the fleet. The World ARC introduction has smoothed our entry procedures and slip/mooring arrangements all the way.
Leaving French Polynesia is a big turning point for us and another fleet, the loosely affiliated cruising fleet made up of Puddle Jumpers and others, generally known as cruising yachties. There are so many choices, various routes across the Pacific. It's been a blast to have covered so many miles with our friends in this fleet (some for over 18 months, since the Bahamas). We hope to see them again in Australia over the next 12 months or so as they make their way across the Pacific.

Our schedule now is to reach Australia in September. We are making the most of the fabulous locations along the way, leaving some time in Queensland to see family and enjoy the Great Barrier Reef before making our way south to Sydney before cyclone season in November.

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