Saturday, 24 July 2010

Blue Water Everywhere

Maupiti to Niue. Day 4, Position 17 41.488S 158 40.518W
What's there to like about doing a 1,000 nm passage?
It takes about 3 days for your body and mind to stop fighting the inevitable truth of making a 1,000 nm passage. It is not comfortable, boring most of the time, terrifying some of the time, broken sleep, wishing it will end soon. But the passage takes its own sweet time.
Bristol Rose does her best to get us through safely; she works tirelessly day and night, negotiating wind and waves to get us to Niue. We spend our time reading, eating, watching a vacant sea, some times chatting, some times nothing.
The morning and evening nets are a highlight, someone outside the family to talk to! Daily weather reports to download via SSB, update our blog posting and position reports, and email. We're getting more blog updates done at sea than when at anchor when wifi often, and SSB too will fail us. Volcanic island heights sometimes block the SSB.
Now into our 4th day at sea, we have traveled 400nm at an average speed of 5.3kts, we have not changed the sail settings, our Monitor windvane has steered all the way. We've done running repairs: a chaffed line replaced, reattached a main sheet shackle to the boom, reattached a chaffed reefing line, cooked and cleaned. Outside of keeping a visual watch and making adjustments to the monitor from time to time we have little else to do. We catch sleep where we can and count down the miles and days to landfall in Niue.

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