Friday, 5 February 2010

Oh Panama!

What have you done? High powered sports fishing boats rule.

Surely in a big city with a rich maritime history one could be forgiven for expecting good support for cruising sail boats. Not So.

Fuel Polishing Service costs the same as in the US however the process involves pumping your fuel tanks dry and taking the contaminated fuel away. We expect the fuel will be filtered and re-sold. So we pay twice.

Riggers and sail makers are almost impossible to find. Needed an impeller for a pump. No luck.

Fedex Express costs the same as the States but takes 4 days longer in Panama.

Panama should wear Elliot's old t-shirt with the printed name tag: "Hello, My name is JACK SQUAT. Don't expect too much out of me".

Oh well, next port to get boat chandlery or repairs done looks to be Australia.

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  1. Hope you are all well, sounds like you are having some frustrations but I am sure the positives like the beautiful Kuna Islands outweigh the negatives and soon you will be sailing again in beautiful tropical paradises. We just had a huge storm thunder and lightening all afternoon, don't think I will be sailing this weekend. The boys look tanned and relaxed really looking forward to meeting up Best Wishes Dot and Mick